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Oh my days, my feet!

Chemo five has come and gone and Chemo six was today.
Round five took us into the new chemo cocktail and into Spring. Into the world of weirdly, but temporarily, painful feet. Took me from the season of the ski and into the season of the mountain bike. I feel that it's been so long since I last wrote that I don't quite know where to begin. Thus, I will attempt a photo essay of the last three weeks.

Photo above? Mine and Hayley's feet during a picnic and hike. This was my lowest day. Pretty good for a low day, isn't it? But dang, my feet hurt.

Chemo five introduced me to a new chemotherapy called Paclitaxel. This one, my nurses told me, is known to "feel like you've been hit by a truck on day 3 and 4." By this, I think they refer to the bone pain that I've read about. Paclitaxel is also known to contribute to neuropathy, a condition where you lose the feeling in your fingers and toes. Some people experience it to greater degrees than others. Some peop…

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